About us

The Mexican Society of Biochemistry (Sociedad Mexicana de Bioquímica, A.C.; SMB) was founded in 1957 by 14 enthusiastic scientists at the down of their research work in Biochemistry in México. Our society is a non-profit, scientific professional society formed by professional scientists and graduate students. Our Society includes 848 scientists whose work and duties are related to biochemistry. The vast majority are part of scientific institutes, research centers, Ph. D. schools from across the country, and some members from abroad. We aim to promote communication of the scientific work of our members by organizing meetings and seminars on the state-of-the-art in biochemical topics. Our National Congress, which gathers around 1500 members every other year for a whole week is packed with up-to-date symposia and seminars, is one of the most important activities of the SMB. Along with this, the SMB has a solid commitment to teaching science, particularly Biochemistry, to promote science literacy and the formation of New Mexican researchers.

July 1st, 1957

First row:

  • Mario García Hernández
  • Guillermo Massieu Helguera
  • Guillermo Soberón Acevedo
  • Guillermo Carvajal Sandoval
  • Edmundo Calva Cuadrilla
  • Barbarín Arreguín Lozano
  • Joaquín Cravioto Muñoz

Second row:

  • Jesús Guzmán García
  • Carlos del Rio Estrada
  • Raúl Ondarza Vidaurreta
  • José Laguna García
  • Sivestre Frenk Freund
  • Efraín Pardo Codina
  • Jesús Kumate Rodríguez


Our mission is to promote progress and education of Biochemistry in México and to favor ties between research groups in our country and abroad.

Executive Committee (2021-2023)

  • Dra. Soledad María Teresa Hernández Sotomayor
  • Dr. Agustín Guerrero Hernández
    Vice president
  • Dra. Bertha González Pedrajo
  • Dra. María de Lourdes Girard Cuesy
    Treasurer Sub secretary

Membership Committee 2021-2023

  • Dr. Agustín Guerrero Hernández (CINVESTAV)
  • Dra. Susana Castro Obregón (Instituto de Fisiología Celular, UNAM)
  • Dra. Emma Bertha Gutiérrez Cirlos Madrid (FES-Iztacala, UNAM)
  • Dra. Mina Konisgberg Fainstein (UAM, Iztapalapa)
  • Dra. Lina Riego Ruiz (IPICYT, San Luis Potosí)