SMB annual fee

During the General Assembly that took place in the XXXI National SMB Meeting at Aguascalientes, Ags., in November, 2016, it was settled, by unanimity, to charge an annual fee of $2,000.00 (Two thousand Mexican pesos) to SMB regular members. Hence, we kindly ask all SMB regular members to deposit their fees to:

Banking Data

  • Beneficiary: Sociedad Mexicana de Bioquímica, AC
  • Bank: BBVA
  • Bank branch number: 111
  • Bank branch name: San Ángel
  • Account: 0183046664
  • Electronic transfers: CLABE Interbancaria: 0121 8000 1830 466640

Once the deposit or transfer has been made, please send a copy of the receipt to the following e-mail address [email protected]

As always, we gratefully acknowledge our regular members for their unfailing support.
Regards from the Directive Council (2021-2023)